Monday, March 26, 2018

The Rules of Halloween

The concept for this particular series of illustrated typography designs first came to me sometime in 2014.  I was initially planning on participating in Creature Features annual "October Shadows" group show (which showcases talented works dedicated to the spirit of all things Halloween), I figured it would be a great opportunity to do a work inspired by my favorite Halloween film, 'Trick r' Treat'.

In the 2007 film, written and directed by Michael Dougherty, there are four stories which each center around a particular 'rule', that if broken, come with consequences, that are handed out mercilessly by the spirit of Halloween.

The designs themselves went through tireless modifications, reformatting, and more.  It took me around 2 years to finally complete the designs and execute them to my satisfaction.  The concept was to create an illustration from each rule, incorporating the words into a visual design to physically represent it's meaning. Initially I wanted each design to be more of a calligram, but ultimately decided to take a different approach with each design.

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Rule #1
Rule #2
Rule #3
Rule #4

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