Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Fresh Pots!!!!

This piece was a commission in which the statement provided was to be included in the illustration of a coffee pot.  In order to keep the design clean, I created a calligram out of the words to tie (or flow), into the illustration.  The piece first started as a sketch, which was scanned, and then digitally hand traced in Painter, and manipulated in Photoshop.

Pan's Labyrinth (El Laberinto del Fauno)

This particular illustration was done as part of a collective online gallery show, paying homage to the horror genre.  The project was called YayHMAD (Horror Movie A Day), as currated by Yay! LA Magazine in which several artists from around the world participated in this year, as an ongoing annual project.  Each artist was given the opportunity to select a movie from a list provided, and provide a representation of said film through the medium of their choosing.  It was an amazing, and rewarding project that I was very proud to have participated in.  Below is the excerpt I included with the piece to Yay! LA Magazine when the work was unveiled during the last week of October.

Pan’s Laybrinth (El Laberinto del Fauno)
Medium:  Digital (Corel Painter)

I’ve always been a fan of fairytales since early childhood, having been raised on a healthy dose of Disney, and  it wasn’t until adolescence that I was introduced to the workings of the literary masters, The Brothers Grimm.  It was then, that I realized these tales were not for the faint of heart, and many of the morals were missing from their commercialized counterparts.  These tales were never meant for children, and up until Guillermo Del Toro deliver us Pan’s Labyrinth, their representation in modern film had been all but absent.  In true homage to his predecessor, Del Toro delicately paints a picture with his signature style, in which he represents an ongoing display of humanity at its extremes, and ultimately tells a story, in which not all things end happily ever after…or do they?  With this piece I wanted to capture the essence of the film, by portraying Ofelia’s journey into a fantastical world that is ultimately,  both a dream and a reality.

UPDATE 3/26/18:
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Pan's Labyrinth

Eckmann Typeface Educational Poster

This poster was used in a classroom setting in order to demonstrate, and illustrate, the infamous Art Nouveau font Eckmann. The poster outlines the history of it's development by fine artist turned graphic artist Otto Eckmann, and also highlights Eckmann's inspirational source.  The poster reflects the art movement popular during the typesets implementation, in addition to its structural design.  The poster was created entirely in Illustrator. 


This book cover design was part of a larger project based on Gentrification, and the influences that affluent individuals have had on urban communities.  The concept was to visually demonstrate the influences through parody, but using a highly recognizable design.  In this case the parody was based on the game of Monopoly, in which board sections were replaced by places or objects that have been influenced by the gentrification process (in this case, rent inflation, and the craft brew phenomenon).  The book itself consists of several additional pages (10 in total), that represent gentrification through different design approaches.

Fork it Over

This particular poster was designed as a commentary on the mass marketing done during the holiday seasons.  Each 'fork' represents (quite literally), it's respective celebratory occasion with the portrayal of a consumable that would be present during each said event.  The forks themselves were illustrated by hand, and then scanned, in order to give the overall design a more 'crafty' or 'pintrest' style.  The piece is done mostly in Illustrator with some adjustments made in Photoshop, and additional elements done in Painter.