Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Pesto Chango

This pun-based illustration came to me when I was trying to come up with more ideas for illustrations, that, and my unhealthy love of pesto...  I initially started the sketch, and fleshed out the illustration previous to Wondercon in 2016, in an attempt to include it in with the original series I was making exclusively for the show.  I wasn't able to finish it in time, but did end up completing it after the event, and included it in my next convention (which I believe was the Long Beach Comic Con).

The development of this image started first with the phrase 'presto chango', a common term used by magicians.  I thought about the nature of the phrase, and how pesto is literally the altering or merging of several ingredients to create another (simply divine) substance.  How is this done?  With a blender.  It basically wrote itself at that point.  I included all the ingredients, along with a nifty old-timey magicians costume for the blender. I like this particular ensemble, due in part to my ability to give each participant a different expression or personality. It is entirely digital, made in Illustrator, Painter, and Photoshop.

The image is available on my etsy store for purchase here:
Pesto Chango

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