Friday, May 27, 2016

Cracked Out

This pun is a simple one, and doesn't require a whole lot of explanation (I hope).  The concept was to imply that the egg had 'Cracked Out' of his shell due to extenuating circumstances.  The term itself is one more situational, in which a person is 'cracked out', when they are exhausted, overwhelmed, or have been overindulging in recreational habits.  The image was created in February 2016, and sold as a print at Wondercon 2016 in Los Angeles.  It is entirely digital, made in Illustrator, Painter, and Photoshop.

UPDATE 3/26/18:
To purchase this image, please visit my etsy store here:
Cracked Out
Or to purchase a pin-back button with this image on it here:
Cracked Out (Button)

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