Thursday, October 2, 2014

Wishful Thinking

IF (Illustration Friday), 9/26/14 the topic was Wish.  This was one of the more inspiring topics, and I had plenty of ideas some of which I hope I can revisit in the future.  This piece however I decided to do an illustration based on a character that struck a particular chord with me.  I chose to illustrate Zatanna Zatara, a magician from the DC Universe.  I've always been more of a Marvel fan in the past, but that may be due to my exposure and familiarity with their franchise.  Zatanna however I came across while watching an old episode of 'Smallville', her character in that show may differ from the actual comic origins (as most media depictions do), as she possessed the ability to grant any person's wish, once and upon doing so her eyes would glow an eerie blue.  That wish would not end until the recipient no longer desired it, which was an interesting plot device, and a twist on an old format that I had not seen before.  My version of Zatanna differs slightly in some ways (for the most part the character has black hair), but I based her off the portrayal of the actress from the show Serinda Swan. I had a lot of fun working on this piece, and if time permits, I would like to return to it and fine tune it.  It is entirely digital done in Painter.

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