Sunday, April 1, 2018


I admit with absolutely no shame I am a sucker for a good supernatural drama, and after 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' ended it's television run, it left a HUGE void in my media consumption.  On a whim, I decided I'd check out the CW series 'Supernatural', and explore what it had to offer.  I had heard good things, and one of the cable channels was always airing it.  I jumped in, and was not disappointed. It was the campy, goofy, bizarre, and creative outlet I needed. It's by no means Shakespeare, and doesn't always deliver stellar installments, but what it does do, it does it right.

I believe I was inspired to do a piece on the show during Comikaze 2016.  One of the 1967 Chevrolet Impala's from the series was on display at the convention, and I started to think that as a fan, I should do something to commemorate my love of the series.  I began sketching the likeness of the actors Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles who, respectively, play the lead protagonists 'Sam' and 'Dean Winchester'.  When I was satisfied with their likeness it was time to design the layout, which I believe I developed while I was working on the piece.  Rarely do I not sketch out my layout, because it almost never pans out successfully when I do it on the fly, but this particular piece came together much more easily.  If anything I wanted to place as many 'easter eggs' as possible to connect the illustration to all the various seasons up to this point.  Color wise, I decided black and white would give it the most contrast, and fit the mood of the show properly.  I tried to incorporate splatter, and dripping design elements in the work to allude or properly reflect the shows overall style.  There are so many sigils, wardings, and runes in the show, I had to trim it down to only the most important ones (in my opinion).  I included the 'Angel Banishing Sigil' in the center above the silhouette of Castiel, the 'Mark of Cain' to the left of Dean with the 'Purgatory Sigil' below him (next to the Leviathan) , the 'Sigil of Lucifer' to the right of Sam with the 'Sigil of Azazel' below him, and a 'Devil's Trap' below the head of 'Crowley'.  The illustration also contains a nod to 'Bobby Singer', and the boys original home in Lawrence, Kansas.   The image is entirely digital, done in Illustrator, Photoshop, and Painter.

The image is available on my Etsy store as a print.

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