Sunday, April 1, 2018

Love is Blind

In a continual quest to merge my love of illustration and typography, I began brainstorming of how I could merge the two together.  If successful, the intention was to continue in this direction, and explore more of how I could seamlessly combine them.

I believe I started developing this concept back in either the fall of 2016, and finished it around February 2017.  I was inspired by an episode of Cartoon Network and Pendelton Ward's 'Adventure Time'.  In the series, there are many different, and multifaceted characters who, if deeply analyzed, have so much more meaning than what lies on the surface.  The characters I depicted are that of 'Mr. Pig' and his beloved 'Tree Trunks' the elephant. Their love initially on screen is considered taboo, but they overcome the obstacles, and are able to pursue a relationship.  Tree Trunk's and Mr. Pig live in the woods outside of the Candy Kingdom, where Tree Trunks pursues her love of baking apple pies.

I used a calligram design for the tree to place the phrase 'Love is Blind', in cursive with branches.  I then added a rough shape to mask as the leaves, and apples to further tie in the design with Tree Trunks character.  Below the tree, I have Tree Trunks and Mr. Pig, side by side with Tree Trunks offering Mr. Pig an apple that suspiciously looks like a heart.  I kept the colors and designs simplistic, to keep true to the show's original design.

The illustration is entirely digital, done in Illustrator, edited in Photoshop, with most of the color done in Painter.

This image is available for purchase as a print on my Etsy store.

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