Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Paragon...But Not Forgotten

IF (Illustration Friday) 2/20/15, the topic was Metropolis.  The only thing that came to mind with this topic was the last son of Krypton (that or the Fritz Lang movie of the same name).  I opted for the material I was more familiar with, and had a good idea for a layout already in mind.  I wanted to capture the duality of Kal-El, who he was, and who he has become.  I found some good reference since he's been around for ages, and tried to capture him as best as possible while interjecting my own take.  I did a lot research to make sure I captured the primarily elements of him, and his background appropriately.  This piece is late, and I didn't make it in time to submit it for IF, but I wanted to finish it as I have so many works that I am backlogged on now.  I'm really happy with how this one turned out as well, and I think I've made a lot of adjustments in my normal approach to make this a successful piece. The piece is entirely digital done in Painter.

UPDATE 3/26/18:
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Paragon...but not forgotten

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