Wednesday, February 11, 2015

White Noise

IF (Illustration Friday) 2/6/14, the topic was Noise.  This topic much like some of the other sound related ones, was a bit more difficult for me to pin down visually.  The idea for this piece came when the new trailer for the 'Poltergeist' remake was released earlier last week.  While I have never seen the original all the way to the end, I have seen enough of it to rekindle the anxiety the it created as a child.  It was probably the first really scary movie I had ever seen (most of that is).  I decided to depict the scene that I found rather terrifying (which also related to this weeks topic), in which Carol Anne Freeling makes contact with the other side.  The moment for me was a haunting one, especially when I learned later that the actress who played her (Heather O'Rourke), had died tragically at a very young age shortly after filming the final installment of the series. The piece is entirely digital done in Painter. 

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