Monday, September 8, 2014

Rhythm and Hues

IF (Illustration Friday) 9/5/14, the topic was Radio.  To say I wasn't inspired by this topic is an understatement, but through brainstorming, and the input of friends, I was able to create something utilizing several different ideas.  As an artist it can be difficult to be inspired by work that doesn't fall within my interest, and it can be a challenge to overcome it, but I think I did so successfully.  My original idea was to simply depict radio waves or a sound spectrum of a song I really enjoyed, but due to my lack of knowledge in that area, and my inability to find a simulator that would generate what I was looking for, I resolved to instead aim for a combination of the original intent.  I did a search on the internet of 'radio waves', and came across a color spectrum of sound, and some depictions of what the waves looked like.  After some sketching I came up with the final product which I happy with.  I'd like to at some point create a vector of the design in the future to make the line work cleaner.  The piece was done entirely in Painter, with some manipulations in Photoshop.

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