Wednesday, March 19, 2014

When the Bat is away....

IF (Illustration Friday) 3/14/14, the topic was Gone Fishing.  This topic was hard, in part I believe because it was more than a single word making the work itself more...specified and less open to interpretation.  I had very few ideas, and most of them revolved around an old man sitting in a boat in the middle of a lake.  It didn't set in motion very many ideas, but one did finally come.  I decided to get as creative as I could, and used the backdrop of Gotham with the Batsignal in the air spelling out "Gone Fishing" in the shape of Batman's insignia.  I thought it was clever enough for me to enjoy, and it was simple and graphic.  The piece is entirely digital done mostly in Painter, with the exception of some fine tuning in Photoshop, and the actual bat emblem I did in pen by hand before scanning it in and overlaying onto the piece.

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