Sunday, July 6, 2014

Handle with Care

IF (Illustration Friday) 7/4/14, the topic was Fragile.  This topic was not an easy one to tackle, but eventually I came up with an idea that I felt I could proceed with.  I decided for this piece that I was going to take a typography/graphic design direction with it instead of doing an original illustration.  I had some real issues with laying this particular piece out, and spent more time trying to figure out what fonts to use as a base shape for the remaining words to fill in to create the illusion of the original word.  When I finally began the piece I realized, I didn't have enough descriptive terms/ideas for my concept, so I did what any other person would, and turned to social media. In the end this piece became a collaborative effort, and the experiment of letting others get involved worked out well, plus it was fun to see what other people associated with the word "fragile".  I'd love to try this again with another word, or picture (like I saw when I did my initial research for this work).  This piece was done almost entirely in Illustrator, with some adjustments and manipulations done in Photoshop. 

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