Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Babylon Candle

IF (Illustration Friday) 5/9/14, the topic was Voyage.  Down to the wire as usual with these!!!  This particular topic wasn't easy, but when I finally did come up with something the concept was more well received than I feel the execution was.  For some reason it feels unfinished, and I can't put my finger on why.  At any rate, I decided for this topic to pay homage to one of my favorite films in recent memory, Stardust (based on the book by Neil Gaiman).  In the movie the protagonist Tristan, traverses about the mythical world of Stormhold using a magical device called the Babylon Candle, while looking for a falling star, who turns out to be a girl named Yvaine.  Once lit, said candle will take the holder to where ever their heart desires.  This particular piece depicts Tristan and Yvaine's final destination together which they reached by using a Babylon Candle.  I wanted to depict the characters in the piece while still retaining the simplicity of the illustration, so I decided on a silhouette in the flame of the candle.  In the movie the candle is black, but I decided that dark green would work better for this piece, and I wanted to include a background that relates to the events taking place in the film.  The piece is entirely digital, done in Painter with some manipulations done in Photoshop.

UPDATE 3/26/18:
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