Thursday, April 10, 2014

Survival Horror (V1.0)

IF (Illustration Friday) 4/4/14, the topic was Survival.  For this particular piece I had waaaay too many ideas, and they all coalesced into a hodge podge of amazing creativeness.  When I finally narrowed it down to what I decided I was going to do, I became overly ambitious (as well as incredibly frustrated), and ultimately ran out of time (hence the V1.0).  I do plan on returning to the original concept and finishing it at some later when I have more time, and honestly this particular exercise taught me to simplify a concept (less is more).  Basically the piece I have here is part of a larger whole, and I decided I'd submit this portion as it looked the most finished out of the lot.  I chose to recreate Chris Redfield from the survival horror (hence the title), franchise Resident Evil (or Biohazard in Japan).  I utilized reference for this piece, and while it captures the original's substance, it does have read in my own signature style.  The piece is entirely digital done in painter.

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